Rice University Master of Global Affairs
Master of Global Affairs

Madina Rubly

Second Year
International Security

Kazakh University of World Languages- BA Education

Fluent in Russian

Career Area of Interest 
My career interests include working on international socio-economic policies, projects related to international development, and international assistance programs. I seek to contribute meaningfully to the development of effective and dynamic economic policies worldwide and to foster international cooperation and security.  With my international background, fluency in English and Russian, and broad skill-set I consider myself an adept professional who enthusiastically and passionately works to further the mission of any organization I am assigned.  More specifically, I possess advanced skillsets in the development of infographics, quantitative statistical analysis and application in global politics and policies; I am efficient at summarizing events, making presentations, and effectively preparing content for websites and distribution.  I include compassion, fairness, integrity, accountability, and leadership as my core values. 
Madina Rubly

Madina Rubly