Rice University Master of Global Affairs
Master of Global Affairs

5th-Year Master’s Degree for Current Rice Undergraduates

Rice undergraduate students may apply to the Master of Global Affairs (MGA) program as a 4+1 option to earn both their baccalaureate and master’s degrees in five years. If accepted, students take courses toward the master’s degree in their senior year, while they complete requirements for their baccalaureate degree.

General Guidelines

   Sophomore Year

  • Students considering the 4+1 MGA are encouraged to meet with a faculty or staff advisor to learn more about the program.
  • Second semester sophomore students should submit a non-binding letter of intent to mga@rice.edu indicating their interest to apply to the program.

   Junior Year

  • Students should meet with a faculty or staff advisor in the fall semester of their junior year to plan their course of study for remaining undergraduate courses and the MGA curriculum.
  • Students will officially apply for entrance to the MGA by February 15th.

   Senior Year

  • Students will attend all university and department-sponsored graduate orientations in August prior to the start of classes.  The pre-term math boot camp is also required.
  • Students will complete remaining requirements for the baccalaureate degree and enroll for the MGA core curriculum courses.
  • Rice students will graduate with their baccalaureate degree in May.

   Fifth Year

  • Finish the Area of Study courses, internship, and capstone project.
  • Graduate with master’s degree in May.

Application Requirements:

  • Application fee: $85
  • Statement of purpose
  • Professional resume
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended

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Additional Information for Rice Undergraduates:

  • Undergraduate students may count up to 9 hours of credit toward the master’s degree for courses taken during the baccalaureate if they are taken at the graduate (500) level or above or 3 hours of credit for courses taken during the baccalaureate if they are taken below the 500-level.
  • Rice undergraduate students must complete the requirements for a baccalaureate degree and the Master of Global Affairs independently of each other, i.e. no course may be counted toward the fulfillment of both degrees.
  • Rice undergraduates should keep in mind that there is no provision for obtaining both degrees in a period shorter than five years.
  • Students receiving scholarships and other forms of financial aid from Rice University may only apply that aid toward the completion of their undergraduate degree. 5th-year MGA students should plan to seek alternative sources of support for the fifth year of study as noted here.